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What is Vedic Maths?

Vedic Maths is a science of Vedas. Our ancient culture comprises of many effective techniques to mold the youth due to which India – Bharat Bhoomi was endowed with renowned and virtuoso administrators at all strata of society.

Our rishi, muni had mastered the art of all-around development of an individual. We have methods and formulas in the form of sutras and sub-sutras to mold ourselves in this enchanting world of numbers.

Let’s explore the Vedic Maths tricks using the 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras which add magic to our maths skills. These magic maths tricks give very effective results when used in competitive exams from the school level. Using these tricks one can also improve focus, memory, and concentration.
Best Maths performance and time-saving strategies are added advantages of learning Vedic Maths. When learned at the early stages of a child’s development, these tricks enhance the capacity of the brain to grasp and analyze concepts at higher stages of academics. It is a mind game with a remembering ability.
Our regular education system is based on rote learning with limitations of the syllabus as prescribed by the governing board. In that context, students will remember limited methods and applications as per their nature and interests. But once you are acquainted with Vedic Math tricks along with a lot of practice and dedication of time one can have an upper hand in the competitive world along with brain development and IQ improvement. Problems are always solved with different techniques and methods. Here, the concept is important.

Who can start with Vedic Maths?

To start with Vedic Maths tricks, a student should be in the age group of 7 to15 years and be aware of basic maths concepts like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. They may or may not have an inclination towards the subject but certainly, interest will be developed in the young budding minds thus eliminating the fear of Maths subsequently at the later stages of development.
We at A. A. Shah’s Young IAS Institute, ensure an exciting journey into this Maths magic world for our young budding mathematicians.
Level 1 syllabus is designed for students of class 3rd to 5th and Level 2 syllabus is designed for students of class 6th to 8th which enhances and upgrades the basic maths instinct in them.
Secondly, professionals like teachers, academicians, and counselors who have a flair for teaching Maths can also enroll to get knowledge of Vedic Maths to nurture their interest or earn side income.
We provide coaching to students online as well as offline mode. One can also avail of vacation batches and special camps with us.

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About Vedic Maths Course

Number of StudentsBatchesDurationTimingsFeesCertification
Limited Batch of 10 Students following pandemic instructions and protocol properly.Weekend Batches with Practice Sessions4 Months Course Duration. Includes Month-End Test.1 Hour Sessions for Level 1, (Students from 7 to 11 Years)

2 Hour Sessions for Level 2 (Students from 12 to 15 Years.)
Minimum Fees Charged as compared to Other Institutes.Certificate after Course Completion