a) Year-wise Vacancies

UPSC Year-wise Vacancies
Vacancies in Civil Services Exams of UPSC


Number of attempts
Number of attempts of the appeared and qualified candidates


Community & Gender-wise: For Prelims

Applied, Appeared & Qualified Prelims
Community-wise & Gender-wise Data


Community-wise, Age & Gender-wise: For Prelims

Community-wise, Age & Gender-wise Data
Community-wise, Age & Gender-wise candidates appeared for Prelims Exam of UPSC – CSE



Community-wise, Age & Gender-wise candidates applied, appeared and qualified in Main Exam of UPSC – CSE



Community & Gender-wise: For Mains

Community-wise, Gender-wise interviewed
Community-wise, Gender-wise candidates appeared, interviewed & recommended candidates in UPSC-CSE


c) Community-wise for Pre & Main

Data of applied, appeared & qualified candidates
For Prelim and Main of Civil Services Examination of UPSC


d) Graph – Age-wise: Female

Age-wise female in UP"SC-CSE
Age-wise female candidates in UPSC-CSE


e) Graph – Age-wise: Male


Age-wise Male candidates
Age-wise male candidates Applied, Appeared & Qualified in UPSC – CSE