Exam is a set of question or questions for a number of students to identify easiest set for most efficient student , where most efficient student can achieve close to 100% of marks.

Its changing , Examination is changing and evolving with time. During early 20th century motto or motive of exam was to limit thought of students through marks.

In its widest sense, to examine somebody or something is to look at it very carefully, perhaps to find out why something is not working properly.

In education an examination is a test to show the knowledge and ability of a student. A student who takes an examination is a candidate. The person who decides how well the student has performed is the examiner. An examination may be a written test, an on-screen test or a practical test.

If the candidate is successful he will have passed the examination. If he is unsuccessful he will have failed. In some cases it is possible for a student who has failed to take the exam again another time.

A student who passes an examination may get a certificate or diploma.