The job of a bank probationary officer (PO) is considered as a lucrative career option and a white collar job. Every year lacs of aspirants contest for PO exams. The job offers a high career growth and prospects for a bright future in banking. Many candidates want to know about the responsibilities of a bank PO, what kind of job they do once they are recruited in banks.

You should know that a bank probationary officer post is the entry level position at which a bank officer starts work after posting. Typically, a bank PO undergoes a 2 year probation period or training and then gets the post of Assistant Manager on joining a branch. Normal prospect of this job is general banking and bank administration; however, bank POs are expected to possess excellent communication skills and the ability to resolve conflicts in a cool and calm manner.

SBI PO: Responsibilities at a glance

As a SBI PO, you are in an executive position and it becomes your responsibility to take decisions for the best interests of the bank. Let us find out what are your responsibilities as an officer of bank:
Operational Management: As an officer, you are in charge of seeing that the daily operation of the bank goes on without any hitch and it is your responsibility to solve any problem that comes up. Clerks will be there to assist you but the decision making part of allotting work to them is upto you.
Increasing the loan portfolio: Interest income from its loan portfolio is the biggest source of income for any bank. As an officer, you have to see that the loan portfolio of the bank increases in order to make your branch a profitable one.
Increasing the CASA deposit: These days, every bank is crazy about increasing the CASA ratio because these are low cost deposits. Now, as an officer, you have to woo your customers and clients as there are competitors in the market to snatch everything you have or you aim for.
Selling the products of the bank: It is your responsibility to pitch for banks’ products in front of the customers so that you can convince them to opt for them.
Cross-selling of Products: Nowadays, every bank is in the process of selling more than only banking products as they sell insurance products, mutual fund products, demat services etc. It is your duty to make your customers aware of all these so that they can take your bank into consideration while deciding about investing their money.
Ensuring Better Customer Service: Banking belongs to the service industry and it is the responsibility of an officer to see that all the staff members are dedicated to the cause of the customers because one unsatisfied customer can do a lot of harm in today’s age of fierce competition and social networking.