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Respected MAM….

Good afternoon

First of all I will thank to you MAM from the bottom of my heart for your guidance and support.

This message is realted to prelims 2018. I gave it confidently but unfortunately I touched 10-15 questions on which I had no idea. This is the biggest blunder which I did, for which I had to pay one year cost. otherwise I was clearly getting above 52 percent.

I will say that keeping aside other irrelevant quizzes . I did your all the daily quizzes religiously though I got this opportunity little late , in the last week of Jan 2018

You gave me this course free of cost , though it’s fees is 5000..
I was busy in completing course . I completed whole year each and every quizzes.
It helped me a lot in this year exam …

I don’t know which type of telepathy is with you mam on this journey of UPSC…

If possible please enroll me for next year also in this course for 2019. It’s a promise to you mam that in 2019 I will not leave any stone unturned.

I left my govt job in banking sector previous year . Now I reside in Delhi and doing preparation. I did not joined any coaching. I only took online resources help for my preparation. For current affairs I see Aashah channel.

Few suggestions related to quizzes platform will send you soon…

I watched your recent video on mentoring session. I realized my mistake and will rectify them this year….

Thanking you MAM….