Kaun Banega IAS: Quiz Show

by A A Shah Young IAS

What is Kaun Banega IAS?

“What we learn with pleasure we never forget”.
Fun coupled with incentives makes learning an interesting process.

Education based General Knowledge with fun and entertainment in Quiz Show for school students is presented by A A Shah Young IAS as “Kaun Banega IAS”, where participants are awarded with Cash Prizes, Certificate & more.

KBI Quiz Show is offered to various age groups of school students:


5 to 7 years


8 to 10 years


11 to 13 years


14 to 16 years

Why to participate in KBI?

To enrich General knowledge

Generally learning of a student is limited to curriculum. No attempts are made to know / learn facts beyond syllabus books. For over all development, a student is required to update himself/herself with “General Knowledge”.

To make learning fun

Things learnt with fun are not forgotten. To make learning process interesting, fun coupled with incentive are added in KBI Quiz Show.

To sharpen mind

KBI Quiz show is meticulously designed to activate and sharpen the minds of participants.

To develop concentration power

While learning students mind often distracts. In KBI Quiz Show fun is added to learning so it becomes interesting and developes concentration power.

To enhance confidence

Having knowledge without knowing how to apply it, is same as having gun without knowing how to use it.
Participation in KBI Quiz Show gives an opportunity to enhance confidence level.

To escalate quick reaction

In KBI Quiz show questions are asked in quick succession with time limit, which escalates quick reaction of the participant.

To boost alertness

Alertness helps in grasping knowledge faster. A person on hot seat of KBI Quiz Show has to be alert to face variety of questions. This quality makes the participant alert in all field of life.

To remove stage fear

One of the qualities of a leader is to effectively address masses. Successful Public speakers have no stage fear. Being on hot seat of KBI Quiz show removes stage fear.

Awards, Prizes & Certificate

Incentives in the form of Awards, Prizes, Certificates bestowed upon winner of KBI Quiz Show encourage the participants to aim higher.

What you get on registration:

500+ MCQs

for practice

60+ videos

on Maths & EVS

“Fastest Finger First” (3F)

details, schedule and link

3 Chances

to participate in 3F for selection in KBI

Get on Hot Seat

If selected, get on hot seat in KBI

What the winner gets:

Cash Prize

Discount Coupon

Winner Certificate