NDA is a career which offers a very bright future to students who have graduated from higher secondary comparing with C.A., Engineering or Medical fields. NDA stands for NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY and its motto is ‘Seva Parmo Dharma’ which translated in English means ‘Service Before Self’ . Jawaharlal Nehru, The prime minister of India laid the foundation stone for the academy on 6/10/ 1949. NDA then was commissioned on 7/12/1954 and Inaugration ceremony was held on 16/01/1955.

If you are very passonate, an aspirant to join the defence academy and want to contribute to the society then NDA is right choice for you. NDA is an academy of INDIAN ARMED FORCES. NDA is the training center for cadets of INDIAN ARMY, INDIAN NAVEL FORCE and INDIAN AIR FORCE before they join their respective service academics The NDA is located at Khadakwasala in Maharashtra.

Overview Of Training Programme At NDA:

The cadets are well trained before they are ready to join the respective armed forces. The Training period is of three years. First of all when they are admitted to NDA the cadets are classified according to Squadrons and Battalions. There are 18 Squadrons and 5 Battalions. Each cadet has to join one of the following squadrons as : Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hunter, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar, Panther, Quebec and Romeo.

Totally there are five Battalions and out of it the first four battalions include 4 Squadrons each and the last Battalion include 2 squadron.Each squadrons comprises of approximately 120 cadets combining all the seniors and juniors.

The NDA course is of three years and is split into six semesters. During this three years the cadets are given a very intensive training to make them strong physically, mentally and in education by doing activities such as drill, horse riding, swimming etc. This course in education covers all the subjects like science, Technology, Arts and Military Subjects. At the end of the course the special moment arrives when the candidate is awarded a bachelors degree from Jawaharlal Nehru university.

Stipend Offered During Training:

NDA is one of the highest paying job after 12th. The stipend offered to the candidate after getting selected in the interviews for NDA is of Rs.15,600/- as pay in pay band plus grade pay of Rs 5,400/- that is total of 21,000/-.